Everyone has to deal with fake friends at one point or another in their life. Recently I have lost a lot of “friends” mainly because I put my trust in the wrong people. I ended up losing my best friend that I had known pretty much since I was born, to a girl I used to consider my friend. This friend that shall not be named, let’s call her Annie, had a reputation for being nice. All through high school we were best friends and practically sisters. Then after high school ended and we went on to our next stage of schooling she completely changed.

She became very conscious about her weight and began to tease people in a sarcastic but vicious manner. She became rude and judgemental, she began rumours about people and hurt a lot of others that also considered her a friend. She began to use people and after a short while she and my best friend got into the same classes. Annie began to exclude me, not from just my best friend but the entire friend group. Eventually I was left drifting from friend group to friend group and honesty I had never felt so alone and unwanted.

It’s been almost five months since all this has happened, I am still friends with my old best friend but I no longer speak to the other girls in the group. Thankfully I have found a new group of friends and have become best friends with another girl who was also “unfriended” and humiliated by Annie. I like to think everything happened for the best but at the time I couldn’t see that. Maybe Annie was only being mean to others because she was so insecure about herself but either way I have never been one to forgive or forget. I am not the only one that has noticed that Annie has changed and soon enough she’ll get what’s coming to her, eventually. Consider it a lesson learned, never trust a fake friend.

Love Liliana xo


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