Hey guys,

Last time I spoke about having fake friends, so I decided to make this blog about how to deal with fake friends or just move on from old friends. Whether it’s forgetting a fake friend or outgrowing a friend, here are five steps to getting over a failed friendship.

Number one: Distance yourself from them. If you have to deal with them on a regular basis, for whatever reason, it can be difficult to get away. Try the best you can to avoid them, this first step is important because if they are a true friend they will realise that you are being distant and if they don’t then keep reading.

Number two: Destroy everything. Not literally everything, but everything that had a meaning to your friendship. Whether its photos, clothes or a teddy bear. Get rid of it. Trust me it’ll help you feel as if you’re just growing up and moving on from that time in your life. Just make sure there’s no way you’ll ever be friends again. Explaining to your friend why you’ve drawn them as the devil in a photo is very awkward (bad memories).

Number three: Redecorate. Similar to the second step, a change of scenery will make your friendship seem complete and over so you can move on. Paint walls, buy new furniture, collect throw pillows whatever you’ve always wanted to do with your room, do it.

Number four: Make friends. Making friends can be hard at times but if you still go to school there is an endless amount of people who could possibly be your friend. This step is not for replacing the old friend, it’s for finding people you can be yourself around and have fun with.

Number five: Set goals. By now you should be almost over your old friend, meaning it’s time to work on yourself. With your new scenery and friends you should be feeling completely new. It’s time to go do all the things you’ve always wanted to do. Go horse riding, learn gymnastics or an instrument, and finally go to the gym (my failed New Year’s resolution for the past four years). Go and enjoy yourself and show your former friend everything they’re missing out on.

Losing a friend is basically like a breakup. Remember to let yourself be sad but also remember all the adventures that are yet to come with all your new friends. After my personal experience of losing my “friend” I organised to go to the Great Barrier Reef with my new group of friends. I can’t even imagine all the trouble we’ll manage to get ourselves into.

Love Liliana xo



    1. I’m not very sure what you are asking, but if you have already done the steps and the person after a while says they still want to be your friend than there is no harm done you can always just make new memories and start again in the friendship. Is that what you mean? 😊


      1. i’m sorry for my clumsiness in writing. What I mean here is that if she , only by her words , she admits that she wants to be friend with us but then her action doesn’t show that she’s really want to be among us.


      2. Well actions speak louder than words, if she wanted to be your friend than she would. But before cutting her off confront her about it because at least if the situation doesn’t end well you can say you did everything you could to make it right and that she was the one who wasn’t trying hard enough to fix the friendship

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