SURVIVING HIGH SCHOOL 101: my experience

High school, ahh memories, whether the majority of them are good or bad, I don’t really care. It’s going to sound stupid and cheesy but high school is truly where you find yourself. You never really stop growing and changing but in high school it’s the do all and end all. When we are in high school we can’t really see past it, at least not in a logical sense.

After finishing primary school and going onto high school the first thing I noticed was the amount of people. Going from a primarily small school to a school with over a thousand students was a bit of a shock to the system. I gained many friends and lost many friends. I learnt a lot about myself and people I thought were my “friends”. Thankfully I was never bullied but I was friends with quite a few people who used to get bullied. I wasn’t popular but I wasn’t a nerd, I was kind of just there. I didn’t really care though I had a group of good friends that I could mess around with and get into all kinds of trouble with. All this was the middle of high school but the first year and the last weren’t exactly the best for many reasons that I won’t get into in this blog.

The point of this blog is to remind anyone who is in high school and is having a tough time to not worry. High school doesn’t matter, to be honest the only year that actually matters is the last one, before all the important exams. I’m not saying you should give up and stop tyring, I’m saying try your best but if things go wrong don’t let it ruin your day. Just go with the flow. I can’t give any advice on dealing with bullying but I can give you advice on any other aspect like studying, friends, dealing with stress, anxiety etc. Probably boys if you’re lucky :p. All you have to do is ask. You can contact me at

What happened during high school did change me but I like to think it was for the better (At least I hope it was). Just don’t give up, whatever you’re working towards is right around the corner.

Love Liliana xo


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