Hey guys,

So the other night I was watching the news with my parents and an issue came up about shaming people on the internet and specifically on twitter. I am not sure who the woman is that was involved in the issue but she had tweeted before getting on her flight to Africa, “I’m going to Africa, hope I don’t get aids. Only joking, I’m white”. Yep I know, but after she arrived in Africa she discovered she had become a trending topic on twitter, had lost all her friends and her job. This was further followed by harassment and a lot of rather racist and sexually abusive comments towards the woman who originally tweeted her “joke”.

My opinion on this is that the woman who tweeted the comment was only joking, yes it was a bloody stupid thing to write and post on a social media website but it was her opinion and choice to do so. To some extent she deserves to be shamed but to be honest I don’t think shaming is fair at all. Imagine if it were you who had just lost your job and all your friends because of a stupid (racist, idiotic and uneducated) “joke” you posted on twitter. Some of the hate she is getting is disgusting and honestly makes me feel ashamed to be the same species as the idiots posting offensive comments about how offensive the woman is. Never the less everyone is entitled to an opinion. Even if it is wrong and uneducated.

I’m sorry if I seem a little too sassy but stuff like this really annoys me. Anyway I’d like to know what your opinion is on the topic. Also some exciting news, I am going to comic com in Sydney. YAY. At the moment I am thinking of going as Octavia from the 100 and if you watch the series you are awesome and my new bestie.

Love Liliana xo


One thought on “NAMING AND SHAMING

  1. Whilst the womans ‘joke’ was a bit stupid, I always feel that people who comment mean things towards her are just as stupid :/ Our world can be so hypocritical. Love the post though 🙂


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