SURVIVING HIGH SCHOOL 101: tips, tricks and five ways to study

Hey guys,

So I figured since I have just gone through my preliminary exams you guys might want some tips and tricks to study that actually work. So here are five of the best ways to study. Just remember that everyone has a different way of learning, so if one way doesn’t work for you there are many other methods to studying.

Number one: If you learn by hearing things it is best to record yourself saying your study notes out loud then when you are exercising, cleaning, at the gym or on the toilet (jokes) you can study at the same time. It also works well if you listen to it while you sleep.

Number two: write notes a lot and re read them in different orders every time. I learn this way and it’s just about repeating yourself until you remember it off by heart.

Number three: another way to visually learn is to use flash cards. Write questions on the front of the cards and the answers on the back. Go over the questions again and again.

Number four: this is more of a tip than a way to study but remember to work on the questions you have trouble with. There is no point trying to perfect something that you are already great at.

Number five:Try and teach someone else about what you are learning. If you are trying to explain something to someone else than you are also learning how to explain it well for an exam.

If you really don’t understand something ASK YOUR TEACHER. They are there to help you and I highly doubt that you’re the only person in the class that won’t understand it. If you still don’t understand than ask your friends if you can borrow their notes, if one teacher can’t explain the topic well enough to you then maybe another one can. If all else fails, google it. My year 10 biology education was basically videos on Youtube.

Hope my tips and tricks for the best ways to study helped you and best of luck with your exams.

Love Liliana xo


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