Hey guys,

I was talking to one of my guy friends the other day (I know what you’re thinking, it’s amazing right, I can actually talk to members of the opposite gender without making a fool of myself, part of that statement is untrue) and I realised how much guys don’t actually know about girls, like at ALL. So I thought I’d help them out, here are the top 5 things that girls say vs what they mean.

5. Just kidding = I wasn’t kidding I just need you to think I like you, you are not a true friend i’ll never forget what happened between us three years ago, EVER.

4. Don’t worry = why didn’t you hear me the first time are you deaf or something

3. We need to talk = ha you are so screwed

2. Does my butt look big in this = tell me I’m beautiful

1. I’m fine = I am not fine at all. I want chocolate, pizza, Netflix, my pj’s, slippers and a lot of hugs or all hell will break loose

Hope I helped you out there and can any of you relate to this because I know I can.

Love Liliana xo


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