Hey guys,

I’m an extremist, I don’t mean like I go and protest by tying myself to trees and all that shit. I mean when I make decisions it’s either one extreme or the other. For example I am either “Let’s go and camp, we can climb cliffs and hunt dears in the wild and if we run out of water we can drink our own pee just like Bear Grills” or I’m like “Ew the outdoors no, I just got my nails done, bye Felicia”.

I didn’t notice this until the other day when my friends and I were, for some reason, talking about how many kids we want to have in the future. Obviously my answer started with “none, I hate kids” and ended with “but it would be nice to have a small army of children to help me take over the world”. That’s a bit over exaggerated but it’s pretty much what I said.

I always knew I was like this but at the time I never realised how serious it was, I am basically two different people. Do you know how hard it is when part of you wants to skydive but the other half is afraid of heights. Please tell me I’m not the only one who is this extreme when it comes to my life choices. This makes me sound crazy but I swear I’m not crazy I’m just really REALLY EXTREME.

Love Liliana xo


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