Hey guys,

After going into my final year of schooling with more problems than I can count, I have found myself with little motivation and no room for thought about the future. The term has ended meaning I get two whole weeks off school and away from the majority of my troubles. These troubles, for some reason, seem to grow whenever I’m at school (I’m a walking relationship disaster).

Anyway before the holidays started my friends and I were talking about all the things we planned on doing in the holidays and frankly I know none of them are going to happen. This made me realise how much we expect to have the perfect holiday but then reality just has to ruin everything like always.

The main thing that is always overrated about school holidays is hanging out with friends, you may have been planning what you were going to do all the weeks you wasted at school, now finally, it’s time to be free and do whatever you want with your friends. Let’s face it we spend our holidays in bed on YouTube or watching T.V. series. Why do we do this? Because we just spent weeks at school with the same people and personally I really (REALLY) enjoy my alone time.

We spend six hours a day for five days a week with these people, no offence to my school friends but if I don’t get my time away from them my head will explode. I have had to deal with their shit for the whole year and now it’s my time to be alone so let me be. I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way after the school term finishes.

Love Liliana xo


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