Hey guys,

I have come to realise I have a fear of being persecuted on the internet. Everyone takes everything so personal now days and it has become so easy to offend someone. In my last post “what girls say vs what they mean the countdown” there was a line where I said “why didn’t you hear me the first time are you deaf or something”.

Now at the time I was unsure to post this or not because what if someone took offence to the “deaf or something” comment, is that offensive? Would someone get offended by that? It came to a point where I was completely overthinking it. I mean people say it all the time, it’s just an expression. It’s not like you’re making fun of deaf people when you say it, at least I don’t intend for it to be taken that way.

Some things can be offensive but there is a different between a joke and intended cruelty. But to be fair some people may claim it’s a joke when it is obviously offensive beyond reasonable doubt.

Also another problem is how people interpret things. I saw a video on Facebook the other day and it was an American bitching about how racist Australians are. Apparently since vegemite is black and made of sand (????) it was created to make fun of us “stealing” the Aboriginals land. Vegemite girl needs to grow up and learn to keep her wrong opinions to herself. I find it funny though how she is being racist towards Australians by saying we’re all racists. Good on you vegemite girl, I think you just contributed to the stupidity of the world by publicising your uneducated views on a social media website.

Anyway I’ve been trying really hard lately to post more regularly so I’d love it if you’d read some of my other posts from my blog.

Love Liliana xo

P.S. Vegemite was originally made to compete with the British marmite. Then during WWII it was used to help feed the Australian soldiers’ and maintain a healthy vitamin intake. It’s not made of sand from the Aboriginals land and it’s not black to make fun of Aboriginals. Btw vegemite girl there’s a massive flaw in your “theory” because Aboriginals eat vegemite too.


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