SURVIVING HIGH SCHOOL 101: five steps to deal with bullying

Hey guys,

I can’t say that I have ever been bullied, there will always be that one b*tch (excuse my language) that is rude for no reason, but other than that my high school experience was pretty normal. I know some people weren’t as lucky as I was with this situation. Even though I have never been bullied I have quite a few friends that have been, so here are five steps to deal with bullying.

Number one: come to terms with it. You need to understand that being bullied is NOT your fault. They bully you because they have their own problems that they can’t deal with and unfortunately they take out their anger and frustration on people they don’t think will fight back.

Number two: Tell someone. There is no point bottling up your emotions because, trust me, you will explode. It helps to let someone else know what is happening.

Number three: record everything. It might be hard to know that you are storing away the things that made you cry and feel hurt but you need to build up a case so that if you ever snap and finally flip a table or slap a b*tch, the consequences won’t be as bad because you can prove they were harassing you.

Number four: Ignore it. Not as in ignore that it’s happening (that would contradict number one) but ignore what they say and don’t let it get to you. They are not what they say you are, you are amazing and beautiful and if they can’t see that then they are missing out on something incredible.

Number five: Focus on yourself. Try to become someone better than you already are, take away lessons from this experience. I know it sounds stupid but I never said the lessons had to be positive ones. It’s important to have a positive outlook on life but that doesn’t mean you need to put yourself at risk because you never learnt from your own experiences. To be honest most of my friendships taught me not to trust so many people. A lesson is a lesson, whether it’s positive or negative.

I hope my five steps to deal with bullying helped. Just remember that high school doesn’t matter, when you leave all the mean bullies will just become a memory. If you feel like you can’t turn to anyone, I’m here for you. You can email me Stay strong.

Love Liliana xo


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