Hey guys,

I’m a bit of a gamer, just a little, so when I level up I’m over the moon. This blog post isn’t about gaming though, it’s about trying to level up in life. I know it sounds kind of lame but if you want to do something, do it because you want to do it and that’s the only reason you need. I’ll try to keep this short and simple.

This is how to LEVEL UP!

1. Appreciate small things: get a better outlook on life and try to think positively, this will help you mentally and emotionally

2. Be social: I know sometimes it can be hard but it’s important to maintain a good friend group and meet new people.

3. Workout: it does make you feel better and it helps you to clear your head if you’ve got a lot on your mind.

4. Try new things: go out and try a new experience, who knows you might be a secret pro golfer.

5. Create yourself: discover what you are good at and what you are interested in, I think it was Troye Sivan that said “you don’t find yourself, you create yourself” (or something along those lines).

I hope I helped you to level up, maybe I should start taking my own advice I guess it wouldn’t kill me to exercise every now and then. Haha lol no thanks.

Love Liliana xo



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