Hey guys,

I don’t know about you but when I was younger I loved every single movie I watched. I fell inlove with the people, the places and the adventures. I LOVED adventures. I used to reinact all the scenes from my favourite movies especially Alice in Wonderland (even from a young age I was a fangirl, my fate was inevitable).

As I got older I fell inlove with movies even more but I wasn’t wishing for prince charming and all that stupid stuff most girls my age would have been thinking of. I wanted to raid tombs with Lara Croft and have a fun spontaneous day off with Ferris Bueller, I was basically an adventure movie junkie.

Unfortunately movies set you up for disappointment because as I got older I realised I’ll never get to do all the cool and awesome things that movie characters get to do. I still hope that even if our lives can’t be like the movies with all the perfect moments, people and places, we can at least have one perfect movie moment in whatever theme and genre we want (or maybe I’m being too optimistic). I could always just become an actress I guess.

Love Liliana xo


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