CHRISTMAS: expectations vs reality


I’m doing a bit of a different expectation vs reality blog for christmas so I hope you enjoy.

Christmas is just around the corner, the house is head to toe decorated, inside and out with lights, tinsel, beads, Christmas ornaments, cheesy Manger scenes of Joseph, Mary and Jesus and of course the Christmas tree. The tree is completely decorated all around, not an inch left bare, everything evenly spaced with the beautiful Christmas star on the top. Christmas is in the air and then………… you wake up, PLOT TWIST.

The house is bland with only a few Christmas decorations scattered and barely noticeable. The family has given up with decorations, “They’re overrated” and “You’re too old” has become the favourite excuses. Over in the corner is the Christmas tree only decorated where visible from the entrance of the house. The decorations on the tree are all badly spread out, cramped in some areas and completely bare in others, this is the reality of Christmas.

You wake up in the morning and run out to the Christmas tree, the house beautifully and elegantly decorated head to toe. You are welcomed by your family already standing around the Christmas tree, as they wish you good morning and spread apart giving you a clear view of the completely decorated Christmas tree. Its base is invisible as it is covered with boxes among boxes of wrapped packages all with your name on it. You feel like you’ve died and gone to Christmas heaven which is because ………….. You have, that shit ain’t reality.

You wake up and soon drift back off to sleep because it’s too bloody early, even for Santa. When you do wake up you walk out into your barely decorated house to wake up your parents who are still fast asleep. You can’t open the presents until your parents are awake and have their camera out to take a hundred photos of you with no makeup, bed hair and less than fashionable pyjamas. The sad Christmas tree’s base is fully exposed since all your presents are still hidden away. Your parents “forgot” to put them out when you feel asleep. This is the moment you realise there is no Santa Claus, you will have to walk this earth and live the rest of your life carrying this burden of knowledge unable to scream it at the top of your voice at risk of breaking some little kids heart who madly believes in Santa the way you use to. This is the reality of Christmas.

Haha well I hope you enjoyed it and it didn’t make you too upset about not having the perfect Christmas. I was laughing writing this, you have to imagine it being read out loud really dramatically. Proof reading it made me realise what an emotional roller coaster ride it is. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and get everything you’ve asked for because you deserve it.

With lots of love, Liliana xoxo


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