Hey guys,

(P.s. this blog post was scheduled to go up yesterday but it didn’t for some reason so today in Australia it is Christmas Eve)

As you get older it becomes harder to get into the Christmas spirit. It is two days before Christmas in Australia and I am still not quite in the spirit of Christmas. As I write this I am on the phone to my bestest friend Abigail (not her real name), who is helping me overcome my “Grinch fever”. So here are my top 6 things to help bring the Christmas spirit.

1. Wear Christmas clothes: for example, the classic ugly Christmas sweater. Unfortunately since it is summer in Australia during Christmas we don’t get to do this but by the looks of the weather at the moment we might find ourselves huddling together in sweaters.

2. Listen to Christmas music: personally I’m not a fan of the carols and all that other stuff but I do enjoy popular artists’ covers of songs. Just search for covers by artists you like because it’s most likely they’ve made covers of popular Christmas songs.

3. Decorate: decorating is a massive part of the Christmas spirit. If you don’t have many decorations just getting wrapping paper and wrap random things in your room and arrange them nicely to look like presents. It is truly the easiest way to decorate.

4. Watch Christmas movies: I love the Grinch, it is my main Christmas movie. Get together with some friends or family and have a Christmas movie marathon.

5. Go Christmas shopping: this advice may be coming a little late and I’d hope by now that you had all your Christmas presents done for others but even just walking around the Christmas decorated shops gets me in the Christmas spirit.

6. Get Santa photos: I used to hate this as a kid but my friends and I decided it would be funny to get our Santa photos together. We even met a woman in her late twenties who got her photo taken with her two high school friends, she was inspirational to say the least, especially since she got Santa to lay across the floor while her and her friends sat on his chair. She’s an absolute legend haha.

I hope this helped you get your Christmas spirit on, I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to after Christmas shopping and let’s not forget about the New Year. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Love Liliana xo


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