Hey there,

Now before you think “two posts in one day what is going on” I’ve had a revelation.

Lately I’ve been pretty down mainly due to failed friendships but as I said before I’ve come to a realisation. They aren’t “failed friendships” that’s just the way I choose to view them, it’s all about perspective. If I’m going to be honest every friendship I’ve ever had whether good or bad I have learnt a very important lesson from it. Through most of them I’ve learn the following things:

  1. People change
  2. As much as you want to you can’t always put others first
  3. You have to be strong for yourself
  4. Things don’t last forever
  5. Promises made with the wrong people are only made to be broken
  6. Even happy memories can be turned into silent killers

This isn’t meant to be depressing but truthful. If you put your trust in others, that is your own choice, they many respect it or abuse but if you are going to put your trust in anyone, make it yourself.

I’m typing this extremely fast trying to get down all the thoughts flying around my head. My brain is like a REALLY busy highway and I’m surprised I haven’t gotten run over yet. Getting off topic but anyway.

Hopefully once all this blows over I can get back to happy and normal blog posts.

So to answer the original question, finished friendships are not all “failed friendships”.

Love Lil xx



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