Hi there,

By the title of this post you are probably thinking, this drama queen is going to rant about her bad timing and tell us some unnecessary story about it. NO, YOU’RE WRONG, because this drama queen is going to rant about other people’s bad timing and tell some unnecessary story about it.

This morning nothing happened, no one called me or texted me, it was quiet and completely boring, my life was as eventful as a rock on the moon but I guess being a rock on the moon would be pretty cool (getting off topic). I decided it would be a good time to get school work done since in Australia it is still school holidays until February and all my teachers gave me heaps of work to do. I shit you not, I sat down and started writing a legal essay about police powers and how they can be abused and my phone starts going off. I get messages on my phone, imessages on Facebook, photos on snapchat and notifications from my blog. I swear I’m cursed, the universe is trying to tell me not to do my school work.

Teacher: Where is your school work?

Me: the planets just weren’t aligning Mrs

Can you just imagine my teacher’s response to that? My legal teachers pretty chill but if it was my ancient history teacher she would kick my butt into outer space and make me align the planets . She hates me because apparently going ahead of the class is absolutely scandalous and helping your class mates understand what the TEACHER CAN’T TEACH is criminal. This is a story for another blog post haha I’m trying to stop myself before I get to into telling the story.

Anyway on a different note I’m thinking of doing a monthly favourites blog post, I thought it’d be fun, I mainly want to do it so I have an excuse to spend hours on the internet trying to find new favourite songs every month. If my monthly favourites helps me justify the time I spend on the internet then I’ll do it.

Love Lil xx


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