Hey guys,

So for my second blog post of 2016 I’ve decided to make all of you question your life views on what happens after we leave this world and subsequently cause you to have an existential crisis. Sorry not sorry.

Have any of you ever wondered what happens after you die? This is the stuff I think about at one in the morning. I like to think dying is painless and after death you end up with all your family and friends at the age you were the happiest.

Let’s be real for a second here though, death is most likely going to suck and after death it’ll be like before we were born. It was just nothingness, no darkness, no light, no heaven or hell, just nothing. If you believe in heaven and hell I’m not saying your beliefs are wrong I’m just saying I don’t share them.

As scary as thinking about the nothingness is, it’s kind of comforting, after all this, it’s just like resting. From a scientific point of view though, our life force is basically energy and energy can never be destroyed or created. Does that mean there’s a possibility that we get reincarnated and if so as humans or animals. Does that mean it maters how we spend this life time in order to reincarnate as human again?

This is quite a sad and depressing topic but I couldn’t stop thinking about it the other day and I’m wondering what you guys think about what happens after you die. I think its kind of ironic how life’s greatest mystery is death. sorry if this topic is a bit morbid I promise to have a happier topic next week.

Love Liliana xx


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