Hey guys,

I was talking to my friends the other day and for some reason we were talking shit about people who are basic b*tches and realised what they all had in common. So here’s seven signs that you might be a basic b*tch.

  1. You say, ” ………. Is god”. For example “OMG Demi Lovato is God”
  2. You say “literally” all the time. For example “I am LITERALLY dead”
  3. You’re obsessed with coffee, not because you like it but because it’s “trendy”
  4. You have more than three baes that are all most likely famous
  5. You wear yoga pants religiously, they are pretty much jeans for you
  6. You are blonde but it’s not natural.
  7. Finally, you quote mean girls like it was only released yesterday.

Comment below what your score was out of seven. Are you a basic b*tch? Btw I got a 2/7.

Love Lil xx


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