Hi there,

After eight beautiful weeks of holidays I now have to face the cruel reality of going back to school and no I haven’t done all the homework I was meant to do but YOLO (let’s pretend I never typed that). This is my last year of school, thirteen years of education is coming to an end.

I am in year twelve and I have three terms left. The first term is made up of eight weeks, term two is eleven weeks and term three is ten weeks, approximately. This gives me twenty-nine weeks until I finish school and sit my HSC, which basically determines what jobs I can do.

After putting all this in perspective I realise….. I don’t give a shit. I know what you’re thinking, “it’s your last year so make it count”, it’s not like I’m going to give up but whether I fail or pass I don’t care, there’s always other options.

All my friends are planning on going to university, I mean ALL of them. I am the only student I am aware of in this school that isn’t going into another education death trap after these twenty-nine weeks are over. At first I was surprised by how these people were given a chance at freedom and still wanted to go ahead with more schooling. I didn’t understand it at first but I guess they just want to ensure jobs and start a degree.

I didn’t realise how different I was to everyone around me. I don’t really have any plans on going to University or what degree I want to do, all I want to do at the moment is travel. Imagine all the traveling blog posts I can do and the photography ahhhh I’m excited. The fact that school is coming to an end is scary but very exciting. Goodbye snobby teachers, rude students and unnecessary school work.

I still have to survive the next twenty-nine weeks though, wish me luck. My term back is going to be hectic (understatement of the year) so I won’t be very active on my blog. I know you’ll miss me :p but don’t worry I have already gone through and scheduled posts for the next seven or so weeks.  Thanks for reading, I post every Friday.

Love Lil xx


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