Hi there,

The grand exit, the happily ever after that isn’t in fact that happy, the final goodbye and closing door of a relationship. Call it what you will but I see it as the official end to the time spent with someone you once cared about that for some reason had to come to an end. Unfortunately as someone anonymous once said “It’s the nature of all things to end eventually….. For as long as there’s a universe the tide will roll in and out, cities will rise and fall and stars will burn and fade away. All things have their time and…”blah blah blah.

This is quite a sad way to look at things but it’s the truth. It doesn’t need to be a bad thing though, I do believe that if one door closes it’s time to break out the dynamite and blow up a wall. Not the best metaphor but you get what I mean, there are always an endless amount of possibilities even if it doesn’t feel that way and even if you’ve run out of dynamite.

When you lose someone for whatever reason, life gets hard. You come to realise how much you depended on them and how much time you invested into them emotionally. It truly messes with you when the person who stayed by your side for so long suddenly decides they have had enough and leaves. It’s even sadder when both of you thought you’d be there forever. But shit happens and people change. We all change and we can’t stop that no matter how much we try.

Life’s all about finding a positive in a negative situation. You can’t force someone to stay in your life if they don’t want to be there, all you can do is remember all the good times you spent together. You just need to know that “All things have their time and we spent ours spectacularly. That’s what matters to me”

Love Lil xx

P.s. my last few featured photos I have gotten from my pinterest account which is @Loveliliana


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