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in life something really unexpected and out of the blue things happen. Even if the possibility of this event happening did cross your mind there is nothing that can prepare you for it. If you haven’t guessed this happened to me.

When someone walks out of my life I shut down and then after a certain amount of time I feel the need to refresh. I change up my room, my hair, makeup, fashion style and I get rid of anything that is connected to the person.

Well the other day I got a text from an unknown number, at first I didn’t know who it was because I had deleted her number until I remembered, it was Tina. If you don’t know who she is then go check out my other post “best and worst parts of a lifelong friendship: part one and two”. The blog post I put up yesterday “the grand exit” was also about her, kinda ironic ha.

Anyway after about six months of ignoring me she texted me. We have already been back at school for a week and I’ve seen her around but she hasn’t said a word and now that it’s the weekend she finally decides to contact me. I was shocked I didn’t know whether to respond or not. So I texted my bestie Abigail and asked her what to do. She told me to try and talk to Tina in person to sort it out but I honestly don’t think I can do that without having an emotional breakdown.

I texted her back and we had an average conversation but as I was texting her I couldn’t help think “why now?” Did Annie finally disown her and move on to other friends or is Tina just trying to reach out to me. If I asked her, she wouldn’t tell me the truth anyway.

I’m just hurt that when I was going through hell she didn’t care and left me and now that I’m happy again she wants to come back into my life. She acted like nothing had happened, like she never left me, we never fought, she hadn’t ignored me from SIX MONTHS. Part of me was happy to be talking to her again, hoping maybe there was some way back to our friendship, but another part of me was angry and couldn’t stand the thought of her.

No matter what you can never prepare yourself for the unexpected, unless you’re that singing goat out of hoodwinked haha. If you got that reference then I love you.

Thanks for reading, you CAN expect a new blog post every Friday (Haha see what I did there).

Love Lil xx




5 thoughts on “THE UNEXPECTED

  1. I 100% get this. I fought with a friend, but I didn’t want it to be all cold shoulders at school, so I text her Merry Christmas just to be friendly. Maybe all she was doing is just trying to become acquainted, so you can smile at her in the hall, but you don’t have to be friends with her.
    Does that make sense?


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  2. Oh my goodness, I totally understand this. If anything like this happened to me, which it has, I think I’d break. I wouldn’t know what to do. It’s really tricky, but really, you can’t do anything to prepare for things like this

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    1. Yeah, at the back of my mind I knew Annie would leave her soon enough and she’d want to be friends again but I just could never prepare for how I would feel when she did. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one, thanks xx 😊

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