Hi there,

When you get into high school the girls get bitchier and the boys get hornier so here’s things every girl should know about friends and boys in order to survive high school.

    1. Don’t go shopping with boys, they’re annoying and they don’t want to shop. If you’re hanging out with a boy go to the movies or the beach unless the boys are true shopaholics at heart.
    2. When your friend group is having a fight don’t bitch about Lequisha to Susan and then bitch about Susan to Lequisha. It will back fire when they eventually become friends again. Don’t trust Lequisha and Susan because they will turn on you.
    3. CALM DOWN, (it’s capitalised and in bold for a reason) seriously you need to have the mindset of a guy sometimes. All the shit people say about school deciding what you do for the rest of your life is a lie, the only exams that matter are the last ones anyway.
    4. And similar to that point, have good guy friends, their “chill” will rub off on you and you’ll be seen as the cool girl that has the hook up with all the boys 😉
    5. Don’t be too clingy with guys, everyone’s different but majority of them don’t like being smothered with affection, personally neither do I and I’m a girl (just clarifying that haha). If some crazy person came after me, was stalking me on social media and was getting all up in my grill, I’d be worried for my own safety too.
    6. When it comes to boys, alcohol or anything else slightly frowned upon in the adult world don’t give into peer pressure.
    7. Despite what your school friends may say, it’s not cool to smoke and risk cancer, it’s not cool to get so drunk you can’t protect yourself from someone sexually abusing you and it’s not cool to “just try” a drug that may result in an addiction or serious harm to you and everyone around you. Don’t “just try” things that could get you killed.
    8. Don’t let school dramas ruin your school experience.
    9. You can’t make everyone happy, you will let people down and you will piss people off. You’re only human, it’s normal.
    10. Enjoy yourself, some girls will think the way you do and will only want to make true friendships and some guys might not be that bad (don’t worry some of them get better when they get older).

I hope some of my tips helped you and if you have any other tips to do with boys and friends for fellow females who are trying to survive high school please comment them below, I’d love to know other people’s perspective on the topic.

Btw I just turned seventeen YAY, hopefully I can save up the money I got for a decent camera and also my friends and I have finally put a deposit on our Cairns trip. Ahhh I’m so excited 🙂

Love Lil xx



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