Hi there,

I said I was going to start doing a monthly favourites at the start of the year but before I knew it January was over and it was already February. So here are my February monthly favourites.

1.Maybelline New York Master Precise liquid liner, I absolutely love this liner because it goes on easily, it’s dark so you don’t have to go over it and it dries quickly. It lasts for so long as well, it survived paintball, where I basically endured the sweaty version of Niagara Falls on my face, and a pool party.

master precise eyeliner

2.Maybelline New York Brow Satin, I’ve been using this for a while and I was planning on putting it in my January monthly favourites. It stays on reasonably well and is easy to apply, it makes your eyebrows look so good. As soon as I started using it I was getting a lot of compliments about my eyebrows.

satin brow

3.Full Lash Bloom by Covergirl, I really like this product because it does give a lot of volume to my lashes without having to put like a hundred coats on.


4.Age Rewind concealer by Maybelline, it has a good coverage and lasts. My dark circle aren’t that bad but I have a rounder face with kind of chubby cheeks that make the area around my eyes look like I have dark circles and this concealer does a good job of hiding it compaired to other concealers.

age rewind concealer

5.Nyx dark circle concealer, I was actually given this by my brother who said it was good considering its price and how well it works. I just use it as a base for my under eyes, under my normal makeup and it works well. I just apply it using a beauty blender, its container is rather small but it lasts pretty long since you don’t need to use too much for it to work.

nyx dark cirlce concealer

6.Meet Matt(e) Nude, size matt(e)rs by the Balm, I actually got this for my birthday from my brother. Personally I hadn’t heard of the brand before but I LOVEEEE this palette, the eye shadow lasts so well and there are some beautiful colours. My three favourites to use together are Matt Malloy (inner corners), Matt Signh (base) and Matt Abdul (crease). Since it is a good brand it’s a bit on the pricier side but if you have the money I really recommend it if you want to upgrade your eye makeup skills.

meet matt nude eyeshadow

7.Recently I have also gotten a pack set of the Real techniques brushes (pretty sure it’s the core collection set). I actually got it for Christmas from my brother (he knows what he’s doing). I got the pack with the buffing brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush and the detailer brush. If you want to get better brushes I recommend it, they are soooo soft omg.

real techniques brushes

8.Surprise surprise this next one I also got from my brother, it’s the Loreal true match foundation. I haven’t used it that much but when I do I feel flawless. I wore it for my cousins wedding and omg you couldn’t see any imperfections on my face. It does go on pretty heavy, so I wouldn’t recommend for daily use unless you have some kind of killer skin care routine and drink a gallon of water a day. I do recommend it for important events and nights out.

true match foundation

9.Models prefer highlighter, it is really beautiful and gives you a natural glow, the only thing is that sometimes it can be hard to get onto the brush, personally I haven’t had this problem but I’ve heard that other people have. Oh and did you want to guess who I got it off haha.

models prefer highlighter

10.Royal revolutions by Katy Perry, I really love the smell of this and I have been using it for a while now. I think the bottle is so cute, plus who doesn’t love the scent of victory haha.

royal revolution

I hope your enjoyed my list, I put up new blog posts every Friday. Also comment what you think about some of these products if you have ever tried them.

Love Lil xx


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