Hi there,

Now from the title you might be thinking, “aww this will be sad”, but actually I think it’s bloody hilarious. I had just started kindergarten and he was one of the hottest boys in our year, so obviously I had a crush on him (typical me). Let’s call him Greg.

One day we were sitting in class and the bell rang for lunch, we were dismissed and I was one of the first kids out of the class room. Everyone ran to their bags on the bench outside of our classroom. My bag was right next to the door, I opened my bag and pulled out my Devon sandwich (the same sandwich I had every day).

I turned to one of my friends and said, “I love sandwiches” because that’s what every normal child says to their friends at lunch time haha. Anyway as I said it Greg walked out the door turned to me and said “did you just say you loved me”, I could feel my cheeks going red. I responded with “no, I said I loved sandwiches”, holding up my Devon sandwich to show him. Greg then said something that made my little heart sink in my 5 year old flat chest, “good because I don’t love you”.

At the time I wanted to cry but now whenever I think of it I want to laugh, things like this only happen to me I swear. I learnt a very important lesson that day that boys are stupid and I really love sandwiches.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first heart break, I put up new blog posts every Friday. How old were you when you had your first heart break?

Love Lil xx

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