Hey there,

I saw a similar post to this but it was “the ABC’s of being home alone” by A.K.A The Author, so shout out to her and thanks for inspiring me Aspen. So here are my ABC’s to high school:

Awkward situations are inevitable

Beware of gossip, rumours and the people who spread them

Chicks before dicks

Don’t take it too seriously

Early mornings suck

Friends should only have a positive impact on your life

Grades don’t determine who you are or what you will do when you leave

Homework doesn’t need to be done if the teachers don’t check it 😉

It doesn’t cost you anything to be a decent person

Jerks will get what they deserve and it’s called……


Life with Lil will help you through it xx

Make friends and not enemies

Never change who you are to fit in and don’t give into peer pressure

Only use the school bathrooms if you’re willing squat over the toilets

Pay attention in class and you won’t have to study as much later on

Quality over quantity when it comes to friends

Revising before a test is only important in the last year of school, so chill

Studying for math and English is almost impossible, tip: do past papers

Things don’t stay the same, don’t worry you will get out of school eventually

University isn’t necessary, there are other ways to achieve what you want

Versutiloquent, it may sound smart but I don’t know what it means so don’t use it in an essay

“Wing it, it’s a bat pun”

X………… I don’t know, and that’s okay, sometimes you won’t know the answer to things

You can never have too many friends but it doesn’t mean you should let people walk all over you

Zebra socks, just cause why not, you could start a new fashion trend at school

Just remember that going through school is inevitable and you can’t decide whether it will be a good or bad experience but you can decide how much you let it affect you and the person you are when you leave. I hope you enjoyed my ABC’s of high school, I put up new blog posts every Friday and also another quick school tip, don’t try to dispose of your fallen out tooth in the school bathrooms or it might get stuck in the sink and stay there for the next three years, true story.

Love Lil xx


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