Hey there,

Everyone would have had a clingy friend at one point or another and if you haven’t you probably are one. So here is my personally story about my clingy friend.

In my first year of high school I met a girl named Robin. We didn’t become very close until about year eight or nine. This was the time in my schooling life that I became obsessed with batman and DC which was really convenient considering she was obsessed with Marvel. We were like two peas in a pod (haha get it her name was robin, like batman and robin. Yeah I think I’m pretty clever).

Anyway we got really close but she became jealous of one of my closest friends, Tina. Robin began to separate us and tried to make me think that Tina wasn’t a true friend due to boy problems happening at the time (how typical school girl of me, “OMG BOYYSSS”).

At the time I didn’t realise it because I trusted her and I thought she was just trying to help me though a rough part of high school. We began to get competitive about stupid things like the amount of comics we had, the collectables we bought and the followers we got on our fan accounts on Instagram (*cringe*). She then decided that I could only talk about superhero stuff to her and would nudge or kick me “subtly” under tables if I started to talk about it to other people.

I was totally okay that she got a little jealous and possessive at times because I saw her as one of my best friends but one thing that I could not stand was her controlling nature. On my part I didn’t handle ending our friendship in the best way considering it was done over text (yes I know I’m a b*tch) and I refused to talk to her in person because I knew she would try and manipulate my emotions by guilt tripping me.

In my defence she was good at manipulating people’s emotions which is why I knew I couldn’t talk to her in person because I’m weak and I knew that she might start crying and I can’t handle when people cry. If I see someone cry I will start crying. She made people feel guilty about how she used to get bullying, I don’t know if she realised it or not but a lot of her insecurities were used to stop her friends from leaving her.

She was becoming toxic but I would be lying if I said the time I spent with her as my best friend weren’t some of the best moments and my fondest high school memories. We use to sit out the front of the cooking rooms after class, eat the food we made and have some of the best conversations, I would give so much to go back to those moments.

After I ended our friendship we went on to our new school and she made a new group of friends very quickly. I couldn’t help but wonder how she was doing, even though part of me was angry at her I still cared.

Whether she learned from her mistake in our friendship or she is still acting like a spoilt nine year old, is none of my business *takes a sip of tea*. But she seems to have matured and gotten better and she truly fits in with her new group of friends. We have run into each other at school and had little conversations. I have contemplated trying to meet up with her and properly apologise for what has happened but I don’t know how shed take it, if she’d even listen or if I’d just put her on another unnecessary emotional roller coaster.

Thanks for reading, I put up new blog posts every Friday and sometimes extra. Also just throwing it out there, do any of you think I should apologise to Robin after all this time or just leave things as they are?

Love Lil xx

P.S. Robin if by any chance you read this, I’m truly sorry for what happened and how I ended our friendship.


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