Hey there,

Here are some typical everyday first world problems that I know we all have.

DISCLAIMER: This is just a joke, I am grateful for the beautiful country I live in and I understand the struggles of people in developing and under developed countries. To all the overly sensitive people in the world that go around hating on Instagram photos and commenting on YouTube videos, try not to get too offended.

  • When your wifi doesn’t connect: for some reason this always happens during serious things like doing assignments or when you are downloading a tv episode. The wifi stops working and then you have to reload the entire page, it’s a real issue.
  • Phone runs out of battery: in this generation you depend on your phone so much but one of the worst things that can possible happen is when you are in an awkward situation and you are playing games or texting on your phone then it runs out of battery. What do you do? Do you act like you’re still using your phone or do you put it down and endure awkward silence while surrounded by strangers and people you don’t like.
  • School in general: that’s all, just school and everything it encompasses like teachers, b*tchy students, homework, exams etc.
  • Ordering to much food and not being able to finish it: the only reason this is put on the list is because I feel like such as waster when I don’t finish my meal. Literally the first thing I think when I realise I won’t finish everything on my plate is “that could of fed a starving child or a homeless person”. I guilt trip myself and end up over eating so no one will think I’m an ungrateful brat.
  • When you mess up your eyeliner: you try to fix it but then the wing gets bigger and bigger until you look like your eyes have sprouted wings so you try to blend it out and end up looking like you’ve been punched in the face. The only option left is to take it off and start again but you risk ruining the rest of your makeup if you do.
  • Non-fleeking brows: I know they’re sisters not twins but why do they have to look like someone attached me with a lawn mower.
  • Money: WHERE DO YOU GO? One second I have you saved up in the bank and the next second you’re just gone.

I hope you enjoyed and related to my list of first world problems and thanks for reading, I put up new blog posts every Friday.

Love Lil xx



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