Hey there,

There are many different types of friends but these are some of the friends that I have personally encounter:

The joke stealers: this one is kind of self-explanatory. Whether they steal the joke from you, someone else or tumblr, they can never make their own joke.

The flaky friend: the friend that makes plans and then bails last minute.

The dramatic or overly emotional friend: this person will have a break down over curtains in a bathroom (if you are reading this you know who you are).

The hypocritical friend: they gossip about how much they hate gossip

The double agent friend: she’ll tell you she hates Gina because she stole her boyfriend and the next second she’s best friends with Gina and they are going out to get froyo

The opinionated friend: this friend can’t help but turn everything into an argument when it comes to something they strongly believe in, which is basically everything.

The associated friend: the one you’re only friends with because they are friends with your friend.

The questionable friend: you regular question whether they are a true friend or are just using you for some unknown reason.

The out of tune friend: this friend is always on their phone and listening to music, they don’t seem to remember or really care about anything you have to say

The out of this world friend: they make you question every conspiracy theory ever and make you generally believe they might be an alien because they are so weird.

Thanks for reading, I put up new blog posts every Friday. I hope you could relate to the different types of friends or maybe you’ve discovered what type of friend you are.

Love Lil xx


3 thoughts on “TYPES OF FRIENDS : PART ONE

  1. Hey Lil ! I guess we are never exempted from meeting with all these kind of friends. Somehow , they are the ones who make our days especially that the out of this world friend. Just to share that!!

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    1. Haha very true, those friends are my favourite for always challenging me to think out the box and what is considered normal. Thanks for leaving a comment xx

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