Hey there,

Yet again here are some of the friends I have encounter over the years. You can click here to read “types of friends: part one” but anyway let’s get into it:

The flirty friend: they can flirt with girls, boys, plants and even food

The flirtation ship: the “friend” that’s more than a friend but totally friend zoned

The perfect friend: they are good at everything and you’re parents often compare you to them.

The story teller friend: this friend always has the craziest story’s that you constantly question if they are true or not

The role model friend: this is the friend that you aspire to be like and you think is totally awesome

The clingy friend: they cry every time you go away and are basically trying to convince your parents to adopt them

The curious friend: you’re pretty sure this ones gay, lesbian or bi but if you ask they might lose it

The best friend: the friend that knows you better than yourself

The relatable friend: you’re almost positive that this friend is either a clone or secretly your twin because you two have so much in common and can relate to each other very easily

The chill or down to earth friend: the friend that really doesn’t care and always knows what to say to calm you down, they are really good at changing your negative perspective to a positive one

Thanks for reading, I put up new blog posts every Friday. I hope you could relate to the different types of friends or maybe you’ve discovered what type of friend you are.

Love Lil xx


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