Hey there,

Here are some easy and simple ways to spice up your room without emptying your bank account.

  • Lighting makes a massive difference to the overall feel of your room, you can easily redecorate by getting fairy lights, Christmas lights or lanterns and hanging them around your room or even placing candles around. If your parents aren’t a fan of candles you can get battery run candles, I have one my parents bought me from dusk and it changes colour, they are very cool and I do recommend them


  • Scent is also a factor that a lot of people forget about, simply getting nice smelling candles or finding a nice room spray will dramatically change the feel of your room or just do what I do and go crazy by spraying a shit ton of perfume around you room and dancing through it like you’re in a Disney princess movie.


  • This is one I learnt off Bethany Mota from Youtube back in the day but I still love it, its putting photos on your wall in the shape of a heart. I think its super adorable, cute and a great way to display photos.


  • Another way to decorate is to get plants and terrariums, I personally kill everything I touch so I have fake flowers and plants in my room but I did just get a real plant and I think it’s already dying, I’m hopeless.


  • If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money use what you have to decorate, I once used colourful perfume bottles I had and I sat them on a mirrored tray and it looked amazing, not to mention easy access. You can also set out your sunglasses in a cute way or any other aesthetic objects that match your room.


  • I have a bunch of pretty coloured book in my room that I tied together using a white ribbon and it matches my room perfectly, this is another way to use what you already have instead of spending a lot of money.


  • I also have my makeup displayed on my desk, it’s very convenient and all the different colours of the products looks great.

Here are a few photos from my room to show you how I have used these ideas to decorate my room and I am in no way bragging about what I own so please don’t take this the wrong way.

photo 1 (5)photo 2 (5)

photo 5photo 2 (4)photo 1 (4)

I hope you enjoyed and found inspiration for redecorating your room. Thanks for reading, I put up new blog posts every Friday and sometimes extra.

Love Lil xx



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