Hey there,

Today I finally did something I have been talking about doing for what seems like forever. I went horse riding and yes my butt is in a lot of pain but it was really fun.

Thanks to the best Dad ever I was finally able to go. Before this I had never really ridden a horse before so I was calling on my knowledge of saddle club, who else watched that show as a kid? We rode along the beach for an hour and I swear I got the most stubborn horse ever haha.

My horses name was Brave which I thought was meant to be since Brave is my favourite Disney movie. It was the most stubborn horse ever and it really hated the water so it kept wondering off from the group.

It was actually quiet funny because in the last part of the ride we started to canter which is basically a run. My horse was only doing a fast trot and I was getting left behind from the group so I had to kick it’s side (not to hard because I was really scared of hurting her) to get her to go faster and omg did it go faster. It didn’t just catch up it almost overtook all the other horses. Brave could bloody canter like a beast, I love her now, she’s like the horse version of me.

Thanks for reading, have you be on any spontaneous adventures todays? I put up new blog posts every Friday and sometimes extra.

Love Lil xx

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