Hey there,

The other day I was thinking of all the places I want to go when I finally finish school and all the places my friends want to travel to which made me think, why do people travel?

Now days everyone is so appealed to the idea of travelling the world but back in the day when our parents were young travelling wasn’t much of an option, just because it wasn’t common. So why now does everyone want to travel?

Is it their awareness of the world now due to technology and seeing everything that is out there? The need to see in person what they have only seen through a screen. Maybe it’s just to brag on social media that you have enough money to travel considering our society is one that puts emphasis and importance on materialistic things and having money to do what everyone else wants to do.

But some people just go camping down the road and call that a holiday, they don’t have the money but they still go, so maybe these people like the idea of being away from their normal surrounding, they have a need for new scenery. They’re curious about what’s around the corner from their familiar homes, they’re adventurous and value having knowledge about the world they live in and learning that knowledge by themselves.

For me it is about finding something new and leaving my comfort zone. It’s also the scene of freedom you get knowing you can go anywhere you want and the amount it feeds your curiosity about what it would be like to walk through London at night time or climb the Eiffel tower.

I hope you enjoyed reading one of my many random thoughts about life, what reasons do you have for wanting to travel? Thanks for reading, I put up new blog posts every Friday and sometimes extra.

Love Lil xx


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