Hey there,

Since I am turning 18 at the start of next year I decided to make a post about what I have and will try to do before turning 18.

Some of these things don’t have an age limit but I feel like if you do it before you turning 18 it’s a different experience and you might not get in as much trouble because it’ll be written off as “going through a teenage stage”. So let’s get started:

1.Dye hair crazy colour. This may be the only time you will not be judged for having crazy hair, it’s the perfect time between the end of school and moving on the Uni or maybe an apprenticeship to do something crazy with your hair. I really just want to bleach the ends of mine and then dye it blue and when that washes out I’ll just have a bunch of different colours.

2.Road trip with friends. Grab a few of your favourite friends, a map and just start driving, you might be gone for a day or a week, who knows, it’s all about being spontaneous.

3.Have a photo shoot with your friends, you’re never too old to do this but get some friends together and make some memories before you turn 18

4.If you are not a fan of photo shoots then grab some friends, find a photo booth and never leave it. If I ever win the lotto the first thing I’m doing is buying a photo booth, I’m actually obsessed with photo booths.

5.Go tag something, but make it small, like on a foot path. Don’t go around painting entire buildings and don’t get caught. I’m being such a bad influence right now.

6.Go to a water park or theme park with friends. I remember back in year 8 when I was 13 my best friend and I went to Luna Park in Sydney and I still have the photos of us on the crazy mouse trap roller-coaster. It was one of the best days of my life and one of my fondest memories.

7.Go to a festival or concert. This would be just as fun when you turn 18 so you can go in the 18 and over areas at festivals but I feel like it’s a different experience when you’re underage.

8.GO TO A PARTY. I would get invited by my friends to go to parties of people I didn’t know and I never went because I was afraid I wouldn’t know anyone and I regret not going so much.

9.Have a movie night with your friends and watch scary movies. If you’re not a fan of scary movies it’s just as fun to watch all your childhood movies or have a Disney movie night.

10.Work on relationships. This goes for friends and family, if there is someone you have had a falling out with or someone that you just want to get to know more, now is the time to do it.

Basically the summary of this blog is to go do something crazy with your favourite friends and make some memories because if you are turning 18 it’s not long before you leave school and things get serious. You never know where you or the rest of your friends will end up so make your reckless teenage years last. Don’t do anything too reckless that will get you or someone else hurt. Thanks for reading, I put up new blog posts every Friday.

Love Lil xx



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