Hey there,

A little while ago I did “the basic b*tch test” and more recently I did “the vlut test” and you guys seemed to enjoy it so this time I will be doing the nice bitch test.

A nice bitch is someone who is kinda a bitch but are generally a nice person who just likes to gossip and complain.

1.Sometimes you bitch behind peoples back, either friend or enemy, because you don’t want to hurt their feelings by saying it to their face

2.You genuinely care about people going through tough times but you also like just knowing what’s going on with the people around you so you have something to gossip about

3.You hate confrontation and will do anything to avoid it but you love watching it unfold in front of you while you sit back and eat popcorn

4.You’re the quite nice type but when people get to know you they realise you’re bat shit cray cray

5.You prefer the term “constructive criticism”

6.You sometimes hide a mean statement with in a compliment

7.You are loyal to your friends even though they are bitches too

I hope you enjoyed my test, I got 4/7, how much of a nice bitch are you? Thanks for reading I put up new blog posts every Friday

Love Lil xx


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