Hey there,

I think it’s very important to become comfortable with who you are and most importantly what you consider are some of your greatest flaws.

As a kid I was very confident but as I got older I began to notice things about myself that I just really didn’t like, just as any typical teen would. Being at high school, particularly year 7 and 8, I remember always being self-conscious of my nose. Some would call it big but it’s not that bad it’s just one of my more dominant features and over time I became okay with that but in my early teens I thought it ruined my entire face.

I would always stand face on around boys and if I was talking to anyone so they would see a profile of my face or more importantly my nose. I guess it made me self-conscious because big noses were always considered more of a masculine feature while little noses were considered feminine. I remember looking at actresses and beautiful girls on TV and I could never find anyone with a big nose. I actually considered getting a nose job when I was in high school because it made me feel so self-conscious.

No one ever made fun of me about it, the only people I really remember saying anything about my nose were guys and they only did it to piss me off because that’s what teenage boys do when they don’t know how to communicate with the opposite gender. I would always get compliments on my clear skin (which unfortunately I don’t have anymore), my smile, my eyes even my eyebrows when I had never gotten them done, but never my nose.

My confidence really began to suffer and I only really started embracing my flaws around the end of year 10 and start of year 11. I think of myself as beautiful (not trying to sound conceded) and it doesn’t matter that one of my main facial features isn’t considered desirable or attractive.

One of the main things that made me accept my flaws was talking to my mum about it because we have the same nose shape. She told me she didn’t like her nose but she would never change it because it was a feature she shared with her father and my grandad. Looks don’t last forever and one of the main features I inherited from my mum was my nose, so why would I ever change that.

This thought was the starting point of me embracing my flaws. There is more than one reason now why I love my nose eg it’s a typically roman shaped nose that symbolised aristocracy which I think is pretty cool considering I’m an ancient history student and it kinda looks like Batman’s nose which is awesome cause he’s my childhood hero.

Whatever flaw you have you will find your own reason to love it. I hope I helped you come a step closer to accepting your flaws. A similar post to this is one I did a while back on confidence which is called “confidence” (I know right, how original of me). Thanks for reading I put up new blog posts every Friday and sometimes extra.

Love Lil xx


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