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So the other day I was casually going through my Instagram and was in explore and a video came up of Jacob Sartorius. I already knew of him but I didn’t really know that much about him so I went to his profile and read his bio. On that bio it had a link to his merch store. WHAT THE FLIP THIS 12 YEAR OLD HAS A MERCH STORE. IM SEVENTEEN AND I STILL CAN’T COOK PASTA!! I’m not hating on the little lad, good on him, he hasn’t even hit puberty and he is already internet famous. With musically and all these young kids becoming more active on the internet it makes me wonder what life will be like for the future generations.

It’s obvious children are growing up faster than usual and there will always be criticism from the older generation to the next but seriously we have 10 year olds lip singing songs about sex and making dirty, suggestive dance moves on an app that can be seen by any creepy pedophiles. Do their parents even know about their child’s activity on the internet. If my mum caught me doing this even at my age she’d probably ground me for the rest of my life.

Now I’m gonna say it again for all the over reacting teenage hormone driven Jacob Sartorius fangirls, I’m not hating on him, this isn’t aimed at him, he is just an example of younger generations activity on these formats of social media.

What’s your opinion on the subject? Do you think it’s okay what these kids are doing or do you think they are way to young? Thanks for reading I put up a new blog post every Friday.

Love Lil xx


3 thoughts on “IT’S A GENERATIONAL THING?!

  1. ahh now with the technological advances and the new iphones and all that stuff,the kids are exposed to more danger!!I am a teen too,however I try to balance everything and look after myself.I don’t think that it’s right for kids to do everything without their parents’ help or at least the knowing the consequences!btw did u change your theme?it’s is great girl ❤

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    1. Yeah I totally agree, it’s too dangerous and the parents don’t even know what the kids are doing. Yeah I did change my theme, thanks for noticing xxx

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