Hey there,

This is a collaboration with Eventbrite to encourage “going out more” (GOMO) in order to stop the “fear of missing out” (FOMO). It is about spending your money more on experiences than materialistic things. Since I have just finished another set of exams and am looking forward to the holidays I thought I’d give you guys some ideas about fun ideas you can do in the holidays.

  • Have a photo booth with friends, you can make your own, put up a colourful blanket for the background, print out props and glue a stick to them to use them in the photos. I feel like I always say doing a photo booth but I can’t help myself I love a good photo shoot.


  • Throw a pool party and if you don’t have a pool go to a public pool or even a water park, omg I love water park rides.


  • Go to the beach, just spend a day at the beach, swim in the water and definitely walk along the beach and watch the sunset, it’s the perfect place to have amazing conversations with your favourite people.


  • Go on a forest or nature walk, I love doing this, some of my less athletic friends would disagree but I find it so relaxing and the perfect opportunity to get to know someone better, have a deep and meaningful or go by yourself to clear your head.


  • Play board games like twister, monopoly, Cluedo, family feud (or is that just an Australian thing). Even group games on the Wii or an Xbox or PlayStation.


  • Go on a trip for a few days, perhaps just to a camping ground or to another city full of shops and restaurants with your friends or family. For example I love going to Sydney there is so much to do there and so many sites to see and sneaky hidden away shops and cute cafes.


  • Go on a spontaneous adventure, you can go rock wall climbing, bike riding, go-karting or just go bowling.


I hope I inspired you to have the best holiday break ever. Make sure you check out Eventbrite’s post on “GOMO is the new FOMO“.  Thanks for reading, I put up new blog posts every Friday.

Love Lil xx



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