Hey there,

This is a collab with “Beautiful by Bella“, I love her blog so you should definitely go and check her out. She did her blog post on winter fashion and beauty. Anyway it is currently winter in Australia and I have quickly discovered how boring it can get. So her is my list of fun activities to do in winter.

1.If you live somewhere where it snows that’s an obvious source of entertainment. Go snowboarding, skiing or just have a snow ball fight.

2.Go ice skating, if there is a ice skating ring near where you live it’s the perfect time to give ice skating a try.

3.Go shopping, in my opinion shopping should be a legit sport, it’s all about timing when the sales are on and equalling distributing the amount of money you have in your favourite stores haha.

4. If you don’t want to leave the house or you’re just antisocial you can always shop online. Even if I never buy anything I always find myself online shopping in winter, adding clothing items to my basket, making sure they are the right size even though I know I’m just going to exit the tab because everything’s too expensive and I’m broke.

5.Have a cute winter photoshoot, seriously you can get some cool “ohhh look at my hair flowing through the wind” photos to post on Instagram. Okay just some real talk for a moment, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO MAINTAIN A THEME. Legit how do people do it, is there like a secret handbook on it or something. If you’re not you should totally follow me on Instagram though @life.with.lil (that self promo though haha).

6.Read a book, grab some hot chocolate and just chill. I know I’m way behind the mainstream train but I just started reading “paper towns” and I’m loving it.

7.Draw, paint, make a master piece. Its a good way to release stress and waste time.

8.Have a gaming night, invite some friends over or even make it a family night. Get board games and video games and just have fun. Not going to brag but I’m undefeated on Mario kart wii, rainbow road (I wonder if that’s good qualification on a resume haha).

9.Redecorate your room for winter. I love redecorating, there was a stage in my teenage life I changed my room around even second week, I’m not even joking. My friends would walk into my room and always comment on how different it was from the last time they came over.

10.Go to the movies with your friends, I am so keen to see central intelligence and Tarzan. I only just went to see Finding Dory and I almost cried so many times, that movie has blessed my childhood.

11. Take up an indoor hobby, like writing, blogging, guitar or even keyboard.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget I put up new blog posts every Friday. What are some of your favourite winter activities?

Love Lil xx



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