Hey there,

I have been nominated by my good friend “beautiful by bella”, for the “life’s about blogging award”. She is also the creator of the award and an amazing blogger so you should definitely go and check her out.


•Tag the blogger who nominated you

•Post the award logo

•Tag the blogger who created this tag (beautifulbybella)

•Post a photo of your favourite quote

•Answer the 5 blogging questions

•Tag as many bloggers as you want to do the tag


AKA the Author

Unfashionable cupcake


Sincerely Reine

• and anyone else who wants to do the tag

Favourite quote:

I don’t have a photo of it but it’s actually one I learnt a few days ago in Ancient History, it was a speech by a politician called Pericles recorded by historian Thucydides.

“Future ages will wonder at us, as the present age wonders at us now…For our adventurous spirit has forced an entry into every sea and into every land.”

5 blogging questions:

1.Why did you start a blog?

I started my blog because I needed a way to express myself and I needed a good emotional outlet since I was going through some personal issues at the time. I also loved just posting my thoughts and views out for people to read without having to worry about being persecuted for what I believed in because everything is anonymous.

2.What’s your favourite things about blogging?

I love going into the stats and seeing all the different places my little blog reaches to. To me it’s unbelievable that someone on the other side of the world is reading something I wrote

3.What’s your favourite post you’ve written?

I love most of the posts I put out but I really love doing monthly favourites and any adventurous and traveling posts such as “Melbourne Bound”. Another one of my favourites would have to be the original “basic b*tch test”

4.Who’s your favourite blog?

I have a lot of favourite blogs, some of which are beautiful by bella, that first hello and AKA the Author

5.What inspired your blogs name?

Some of you may know this blog was first named “Love Liliana”, I didn’t know what to name this blog because at first I wasn’t planning on regularly blogging and I also didn’t know what this blog would even be about. After falling in love with blogging I knew I would need a better name and since I knew I didn’t want to be limited by putting by blog in a category I decided to just blog about my life so it seemed fitting that I rename the blog “life with lil” (I couldn’t get the URL though so I had to settle with

Thank you for reading and I hope you do decide to do the tag. Don’t forget I put up new blog posts every Friday.

Love Lil xx



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