Hey there,

EYEBROWS, I love eyebrows. I’m glad I grew up in this era because being obsessed with brows is socially acceptable.

I feel like it’s a thing that young people struggle with. I didn’t go to sleep with eyebrows like this (sorry for the bad quality, cameras back in 2012 weren’t as good as cameras are now)


and then wake up with eyebrows like this (and yes they are snapchat selfie filters, don’t judge me, you do it to).


It takes time to figure out what eyebrow shape you love and what products make them look flawless. So today I am going to share with you my eyebrow journey and some of my eyebrow tips and tricks.

I believe I was in either year nine or ten, most likely ten, and I decided it was a time to woman-up and get my first eyebrow wax. The first time I got them done, they weren’t the right shapes. That was the problem “shapes”, they both looked completely different. The second time they were done to thin and I looked like I had been in an accident with a flame thrower that burnt off most of my brows.

The next few times, they were still to thin and one person actually put the wax on so hot I had a scab just above my eye for a week (I didn’t mind, it made me look badass). I had had enough, all I wanted were thick, even, nice looking eyebrows. So I gathered a bunch of reference picture and I started to pluck them myself. I shaped them and then just went for it with my tweezers. Honestly the best decision I ever made.

I never let anyone touch my eyebrows now, if they even try I go all ninja on them and catch their sweaty, cubby, eyebrow destroying fingers with my chopsticks (just a tad over exaggerated but you get my point).

So the product I mainly use is the Maybelline New York Brow Satin. It is a duo brow pencil and filling powder, mine is just in medium brown and I highly recommend it.


For a more natural look and if it is your first time doing eyebrows I suggest the Maybelline New York Brow Drama, mine is in the shade dark brown. This is definitely something I wear when I want to look natural and effortless.


And for the eyebrow brush/shaper/spoolie I just use a Revlon one.


I do suggest if it is your first time getting your eyebrows done then get them done by someone who knows what they are doing and make sure you gather a bunch of reference pictures for them.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. I put up new blog posts every Friday.

Love Lil xx





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