Hey there,

It seems like people are finding more and more ways to be a basic b*tch. If you haven’t already go and check out the original “Basic B*tch Test”, so here we go.

1.Constantly uses the dog snapshot filter

2.Their hair is constantly in two French braids

3.They have a Kylie lip kit

4.Maintains an Instagram theme (this is true talent)

5.Orders nice looking donuts just to take photos with them

6.Posts a gym selfie every other day

7.Photographs almost every meal

8.Orders the new colourful Starbucks Drinks just to post on snapchat and instagram

Thank you for reading, What score did you get? I only got 1/8, the dog filter on snapchat is just too cute. I hope you enjoyed and don’t forget I put up new blog posts every Friday.

Love Lil xx



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