Hey there little explorers,

You may be wondering, “why little explorers? this isn’t a travelling blog”, well yes you are correct but I am hoping soon that it will transition into a more travel worthy blog and also I don’t define an explorer as being someone who moves around physically to discover things. You can be an explorer of your own mind, an explorer of the internet or even an explorer of memes (I don’t judge, explore what you want to explore).

Anyway back to the point of this blog, I know I had a bit of a rant last week and said this week would be a “normal post” but I lied because 1. I’m not normal and 2. I can’t shut off my mind so here are some of the mysteries that keep me awake at night.

1. The Bermuda Triangle. Ever since I was a kid have had a fascination with what’s hidden under water like ship wrecks and lost cities etc. I just want to be a mermaid. So the Bermuda Triangle, aka the devils triangle (that’s when you know it’s evil), is a loosely defined region in the North Atlantic ocean, where a number of aircrafts and ships have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Some theories credit the disappearances to paranormal activity while others say it has something to do with a strong magnetic pulse underneath the sea acting as an EMP to shut down plane craft and submarine systems. Now I don’t really believe in aliens so personally I think it may have something to do with the lost city of Atlantis. My reasoning being the movie Atlantis, (great movie definitely a must see) if you have watched it you would remember that big scary shark monster that attacks their submarines. A more likely reasoning, however, for the Bermuda triangle would be a government organisation or cover up. Maybe area 51 is actually an island, it’s possible it’s some kind of military secret considering the US Navy says the triangle does not exist. I smell a government cover up of either nuclear or biological weapons testing gone wrong.

(If I go missing, the government kidnapped me because I knew too much and everything I just said is true)

2. The Leviathan, a biblical sea monster considered “Gods first beast”. So basically a bad ass Lockness monster. Now this is only on my mystery list because don’t you think it would make sense if the reason so many ships where lost in the Bermuda triangle was because of the Leviathan. Seriously google it, it looks like a scary pokemon.

3. The President’s secret book. This mystery was introduced to me through one of my favourite movies to watch as a kid, National Treasure (I really wanted to be an archaeologist). Apparently the book is meant to be passed down through the presidents and hidden in a top secret place (maybe the secret military base in the middle of the Bermuda triangle, just saying). It is meant to contain information about alien landings, the truth behind high profile personnel assassinations, the location of the holy grail etc.

Thanks for reading, I hope I blew your mind or that you at least learnt something. I publish new blog posts every Friday and don’t forget to follow, like and comment and also check out my other social medias (links are on the home page).

Lil out xx


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