Hey there,

I feel like I haven’t had a good rant in a while and also I always show the positive side of my life on this blog post but my life is no where near as perfect as it seems on this blog. This is exactly why I have made this list of things that really piss me off.

1.Messed up makeup. When I’m already running 20 minutes late I do not need messy contour, uneven eyebrows, unsymmetrical liquid eyeliner and mascara on my eye lid.

2.Tangled ear phones. No matter how I wrap them around my phone or on their own they always have a way of getting into a knot that only Houdini could untangle. I AM NO HOUDINI!!!

3. A alarm that does go off. You had one job and you suck at it.

4.Chipped nail polish. It doesn’t matter that they were only done yesterday and have a clear strengthening coat over the top, if I pick up my glass of water my nails will chip

5. Lines. I do not have time to wait in lines just so I can buy one product from the grocery store

6.Having to roll a sleeping bag back into its impossibly small case. How do people accomplish it, if you can fit a sleeping bag in one of those tiny bags you are my hero

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my little rant. I put up new blog posts every Friday and don’t forget to follow me on my social medias (links in the side bar or on my about me page).

Lil out xx



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