Hey there,

Personally I think it is sad that we live in a society that values education more than mental health. I know a lot of people suffer with mental health so here are some tips that I have gotten off friends suffering with mental illnesses and from my own experience.

1.Just breathe, calm down and step away from the situation

2.Don’t write it off as typical high school experiences. If you feel like something is wrong then talk to someone

3.Open up to someone, a teacher, a friend, the school councillor or call one of the helplines available to people with mental illnesses

4.Most importantly, don’t let this mental illness define you and trust that you are stronger than the things that try to break you

Thank you for reading and if you really need to talk to someone you can always email me on I put up new blog posts every Friday and don’t forget to follow my social medias (links in the side bar or on my about me page).

Lil out xx


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