Hey beautiful people,

I have finally reached 100 followers. Thank you to everyone that has followed my blog and read my blog posts, I can not explain how grateful I am. It felt like yesterday that I decided to start this blog and it’s amazing to see how much this blog and I have changed in a year and after reaching 100 followers. Thank you all so much. xx

I felt that I should just explain myself in this blog post about why I’ve been inactive on this blog and my social medias lately and what’s currently going on in my life. This Wednesday I sat my final exam and signed out of school. I AM OFFICIALLY FREE!!!

I was upset though because I had a bunch of great ideas for Halloween blog posts that I never got around to finishing due to my exams. Guess I’ll have to wait for next year. At the moment I am not planning on going to University just yet and will most likely be working all of next year and hopefully travelling.

I was thinking about doing a Q and A but I wasn’t sure if you guys would even bother reading that but if you do want one comment below what questions you might want me to answer and I’ll do it in another blog post.

Again, thank you all so much. I still can not believe I have reached 100 followers. Thank you for reading and I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.

Lil Out xx


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