Hey, I haven’t really posted anything like this in a while, it’s definitely a lot more thought provoking than the normal fashion and beauty blog posts but I was sitting on my deck the other day, looking out over the paddock and the inspiration/strange thoughts just hit me right in the face. So here are my random thoughts on opposing forces.

You know how opposites are meant to attract? Doesn’t it seem like everything in this world has its opposing force? The Sun and the Moon, Ying and Yang and Kim and Kayne.

Even though they are opposites they fit perfectly together like puzzle pieces. Most people spend their entire lives trying to find their other half, their perfect match, but what if you missed your chance?

What if you had your perfect match but you messed it up? Or your perfect match was perfect a year ago but changes into something that no longer appeals to you?

Ever since I can remember I have always had my opposing force, I had never known what it was like without it until now. It just feels like an emptiness that won’t go away.

It doesn’t completely consume your life but it consumes just enough to make you stay up some nights thinking about where it all went wrong.

Even after years of convincing myself that I’m better on my own, and maybe for a while I was, but this kind of loss never really goes away because the feeling of needing your other half never goes away.

Maybe this emptiness is never ending because I was the driving force that ruined the relationship? If so then what happens to everyone else who never even got the chance to meet their other half? Do they ever feel loss for something that they never truly found? Or do they go on unknowing of what they have never gotten the chance to experience? If they never find an opposing force then do they have to compensate by becoming both forces?

Imagine if for some reason the sun just went away and the moon was constantly in the sky (I know it’s scientifically impossible but for the sake of my explanation let’s just throw logic out the window) there was still day and night so now the moon has to physically change what it is in order to do both jobs. Can you imagine how tired the moon would get? That’s what it’s like to lose your opposing force and having to compensate for what you’ve lost.

I swear I was not expecting this post to get so deep but oh well. Thank you for readin and I hoped you enjoyed some of my random thoughts. I post every Friday and don’t forget to follow my social medias (in the side bar or on my “contact me” page)

Lil out xx




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