Hey there beauty gurus,

Yet again here is another monthly favourites blog for the month of November so let’s get right into it. Also I’m going to apologise in advance if you can’t tell which colour swatch is which, it just gradually progresses.

1. The fit me foundation by Maybelline in the shade 110 porcelain. I love this foundation, it gives me great coverage and looks natural. It is the first foundation I have found that matches my skin personally. It is not very expensive at all and I would definitely recommend it.


2. the match perfection silky loose face powder by Rimmel London. I use this product to bake and I love it. I have used other powders to try and bake my face but this one has definitely worked the best and made a noticeable difference. Yet again it is not very expensive at all and I just get mine in transparent.


3. The sun reflections bronzer by Thalgo. this was given to me as a present so I am not sure on the price but I love this bronzer, it has such a beautiful colour and catches the light perfectly. If you are in need of a new bronzer than Thalgo is the way to go.

4. the Veia eye and cheek palette by Clinique. It’s kind of hard to read the palette due to the writing but I’m pretty sure it’s Veia. The colours are beautiful and last very long but the cheek colour is definitely my favourite. It is very pigmented, easy to apply and has a beautiful shimmer to it. Also it is very compact and easy to travel with and the mirror on the palette is amazing.


5. the soft matte lip cream in the shade 02 Stockholm by Nyx. This lipstick smells like caramel and I absolutely love it. It isn’t too drying on the lips and is a gorgeous nude colour. Seriously though you should consider buying it just for the smell, it is amazing. It was also very affordable and bank account friendly.

6.the Clinique long lasting soft matte lipstick in matte suede. This lipstick is so beautiful and creamy and amazing. The packaging is so cute and it is very moisturizing for the lips. My only criticism would be that it does not appear matte at all and it is a bit more pricey. Other than that it is now one of my favourite lipsticks.

7. the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion. It is the only moisturizer I use now and it has dramatically improved my skin. I’m also thinking of doing a blog on my skin routine now that it has started to clear up due to the new products I’ve been using. If you have dry or pimple prone skin, I recommend this product.


8. The pure colour envy lipstick in the shade 160 discreet by Estee Lauder. Love it, Love it, Love it. It was a bit pricey but this is definitely something I can see myself buying a lot. It’s smooth, creamy and lasts amazingly well.

9. The double wear stay in place lip pencil in the colour 18 nude by Estee Lauder. Same thing as the lipstick, I am obsessed. This lip pencil lasts even better than the lipstick.

10. The Lingerie liquid lipstick in the shade 12 exotic by Nyx. The colour I gorgeous and it lasts extremely well considering how inexpensive it is. My only criticism would be that I found it to be very sticky on my lips, at one point my lips were sticking together but after a while it was okay.

11. The liquid swede crème lipstick in the shade 07sandstorm by Nyx. I love this one, it is not sticky at all and the colour is beautiful. I also really like the name of these lipsticks, they just sound cool. It was very inexpensive and lasts extremely well.

Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed my monthly favourites. I post every Friday and don’t forget to follow my social medias as a reminder (links on contact me page or on sidebar).

Lil out xx



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