Hey guys,

this is a collab with Beautiful by Bella , so make sure you go and check her out because her blog will knock your socks off. Here is a long awaited Q&A so lets get right into it.

1)What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about blogging?

My favourite thing would be connecting with new people and the sense of community that you are creating with the people that are reading your blog, my least favourite would be bloggers that are not original and copy other successful blogs styles in hopes of gaining fame.  Your blog should represent who you are as a person and the kind of energy you want to put out into the world, there is no originality in simply copying someone else’s hard work

2)how long does it take you to finish a post?

It often depends, some blog posts that are about my thoughts or that don’t include photos don’t take very long at all as long as I am passionate about the topic. If I am having writers block on a simple blog post then it might take a few days for me to figure out what kind of view I want to portray on the certain topic. If it’s a monthly favourite or how to style or haul, it will take longer because of the photos and having to organise my day around making sure I can get the photos done. So about a day or two would be an average.

3)who have you told about your blog?

I have told my parents, brother and close friends. My brother was actually the first person I told.

4)do you play any sports?

Not in a league or anything but I do dabble in archery, knife throwing and boxing. That makes me sound hard core but if you ever met me in real life I’m basically a marsh mellow.

5)what’s your favourite tv show?

That’s a hard one because I really love all the DC and marvel tv series but probably Arrow or the Flash

6)what’s your sign?

I am an Aquarius

7) If you were to go to uni, what would you study? Asked by the chic community on wordpress

Well I would probably do communications with a major in public relations, my blog has made me realise how much I love journalism and more or less the social side of the work force. However before I had a blog I was going to do nursing.

8)Do you have nay Christmas traditions? asked by Beautiful by Bella

Not really, the only thing that I guess would be considered a traditions is going to my Great Aunt’s for Christmas lunch. Legit the best baked meal you will ever have.

9)What is your favourite  Christmas movies? asked by beautysuggests on Instagram

The Grinch will always be a childhood favourite of mine but other than that Home Alone would be close in second place.

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions and especially girlyblogger.xx on Instagram who sent in a lot of questions. If you liked this Q&A let me know by commenting more questions that I might do in another Q&A blog post. I put up new blog posts every Friday and don’t forget to follow my social medias (links in side bar and about me page)

Lil out xx



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