Hey guys,

I was reading some of my old blog posts from 2015 (and yes I read my old posts, it’s like my own personal diary except every stranger on the internet can access it. probably not the best idea but oh well) and I realised, not only how cringy I was, but how much shade I was throwing.

I’m actually partly ashamed because I feel so proud of the content that I post now. The ones I used to post are so emotionally personal to not only me but the people they are about. When I started this blog I never intended on showing my face, I always thought it would be anonymous which is also why a lot of my original posts were so personal (like diary entries).

If you aren’t an OG on this blog then to sum it up, I had A LOT of friend problems in 2015  and I posted it all over this blog. I gave everyone nicknames thinking that no one would guess it was me but if you know me then it’s pretty obvious who I am talking about.

Anyway to the point of this blog post, reading all my old posts makes me realise how far I have come and how different my perspective is to the things that happened to me in High school.

To the bottom of my heart I am so thankful for every friend I had in High school and through my life. Even though it didn’t always end well you have all taught me important lessons about letting the little things go, moving on and accepting apologies that never come. You’ve also taught me when to put away my pride and apologise when I am in the wrong and above all you taught me what true happiness feels like and that I shouldn’t settle for anything less. For this reason I have gone through and taken down or edited some of the posts that are extremely emotional and personal. It also helps me feel like I’m starting fresh with this blog because I am simply able to delete the posts that feel like emotional baggage.

If you have a blog or a diary for the New Year I definitely recommend that you read old posts and pages to see how far you have come and how much you have changed.

Happy New Year, I hope you spend it surrounded by your loved ones watching fireworks set off in the distance lighting up the sky. Best part of New Years is the fireworks (Katy Perry would agree).

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your last day of 2016. Make sure you like and follow my social medias (links on contact me page and side bar). Don’t forget to come back next year for my “What I Got For Christmas” blog post.

Lil out for 2016 xx

Also can we just quickly talk about how Barrack Obama said “Obama Out” before he left the white house, I’m taking credit haha.


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