Hey guys,

It is finally the 2017 so since last year was such a hectic and busy year for everyone that it would be great to do “My Year in Review” and focus on everything positive that happened last year. I encourage everyone to write and post their own year in review and share their favourite moments of 2016.

I’m going to limit it to my top 10 moments but you can do as much as you wish. So let’s begin the count down.

10. Taking on new hobbies like rock climbing or skate boarding.

9. completing some of the things on my bucket list like horse riding and snorkling the Great Barrier Reef

photo (8)

8. My increasing makeup skills. This is the first selfie I’ve ever posted on this blog haha shameless dog snapchat filter.


7. increasing my writing skills and also reading a lot more.

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

6. all the other travelling I have been able to do this year, all the weekend trips also including my Melbourne trip earlier this year (feels like two years ago though).


5. Finally finishing school YAY!!!!

4.Getting my final exam results which were surprisingly better than I thought they would be.

3.Christmas, I don’t know why but my Christmas this year was the happiest it has been in a long time.

2. My trip to the Great Barrier Reef


1. This blog, I feel extremely proud of this blog and the content I have been posting lately. I finally hit 100 followers and I am still over the moon about it. Thank you to every one for helping me make this blog what it is. I love our LWL community and am so glad our lives have become intertwined through this little blog.

2016 has had its ups and downs but all in all it was a great year, I have learnt a lot about myself and others this year and I am excited for all the future possibilities for myself and this little blog.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. I would love to see other peoples “Year In Review”.

What was your favourite part of 2016?

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Lil out xx


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